Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Summary: Alright big country… this weather is the very definition of spring. Warm temperatures, strong winds, rain showers, severe storms, blossoming pollen and fire weather concerns. All packed tightly into the 7 day forecast.

Today: Mostly cloudy with skies clearing up following the lunch hour as winds remain rather strong. High Temperature:86° Winds: SSW 15-20 MPH

Tonight: Mostly cloudy and breezy. Low Temperature:64° Winds: S 10-20 G 30 MPH

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a few showers and severe storm potential into the overnight hours. High Temperature:76° Winds: S 10-15 MPH

Friday: Following the early severe weather storms expect sunny skies with upper level clouds, breezy winds into the overnight hours with a fire weather concern. High Temperature:74° Winds: W 10-25 G 25 MPH

Saturday: A very weak cold front will move into the area bringing back seasonal temperatures and a fire concern. High Temperature:72° Winds: WNW>SW 10-15 G 25 MPH

Sunday: Temperatures will be on the rise following a warm front with some breezy winds. High Temperature:79° Winds: SSW> W 15 G 25 MPH

Monday: Mostly sunny with a cold front moving in early allowing for below normal temperatures to be possible. High Temperature:57°

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny and cool. High Temperature:64°