Following yesterday’s cold front, rain and some light wintry mix to the big country, road conditions seem well. Take your time on bridges and overpasses this morning and don’t forget the coffee and jacket on the way out.


Today: Clouds continue to clear leaving behind sunny skies with breezy winds . High Temperature: 47° with winds chills out the door into the low 20’s. Winds: WNW 10-15 G 20MPH

Tonight: Clear skies tonight with temperatures below freezing, so make sure to insulate those pipes and drip the faucets. Winds: WNW 5-10 MPH

Thursday: Sunny with light winds with a cold night, so don’t forget the 4 p’s. People, pets, plants, pipes tonight. High Temperature: 50° Winds: WNW 5-10 MPH

Friday: Sunny and breezy as a cold front approaches the big country. High Temperature: 58° Winds: SSW 15-20 G25 MPH

Saturday: Mostly cloudy breezy grab the flannel jackets and a warm cup of coffee. Strong winds with an approaching front. High Temperature: 65° Winds: SSW 10-15 G25 MPH

Sunday: Sunny, below normal with light winds. High Temperature: 49° Winds: N 10-15 MPH

Monday: Partly sunny with a small chance for some rain (20%) Accumulation expected around ~0.15″. High Temperature: 50°

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and below normal with another small chance of rain (20%) with accumulation around 0.10″. High Temperature: 55°