Don’t forget the umbrella and a jacket this morning as rain shower continue through this afternoon. Keep the jacket handy but ditch the umbrella into the afternoon as temperatures stay cool. Heading into the rest of the week, sunshine continues with breezy winds and temperatures into the mid 60’s with rain chances into next week for the holiday weekend.


Today: Cloudy with on and off again rain showers with lingering thunderstorms through the early morning hours. Grab the jacket and umbrella as you head out the door. You can forget the umbrella on your way home, as sunny skies take precedence. High Temperature: 58° Winds: WNW 15 G 25 MPH

Tonight: Clear skies with dry air will dominate the region. A shift in wind direction will keep tonight’s overnight low temperatures near seasonal. Low Temperature: 39° Winds: SW 10-15 MPH

Thursday: Sunny with a cold front moving on in dropping the temperatures just slightly as that reinforcing cold air moves through the big country. High Temperature: 57° Winds: SW>NNW 10-15 G 25 MPH

Friday: Sunny skies with breezy winds as temperatures fall thanks to a cold front from the previous day. High Temperature: 49° Winds: NNW>N 5-20 MPH

Saturday: Sunny skies but with temperatures near seasonal and mostly calm winds. High Temperature: 58° Winds: SSW>S 5-15 MPH

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with breezy winds and a 20% rain chance with accumulation around < 1/10″ expected. High Temperature: 59° Winds: S 15-20 G 30 MPH

Monday :Mostly cloudy with light winds, and some rainfall accumulation between 1/4″-1/2″ High Temperature: 61° Rain chance (40%)

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with breezy winds. High Temperature: 64°. Rain chance (30%) Accumulation between 1/10″-1/4″