Enjoy those seasonal temperatures because heading into the weekend we are anticipating a cold front to move through bringing cooler weather, rain chances and even a chance at a wintry mix. So remember to protect the 4 p’s. People, plants, pets and pipes.


Today: Mostly cloudy with skies clearing as seasonal temperatures remain in place. High Temperature: 60° Winds: SE 10-15 G 25MPH

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies with breezy winds. Low Temperature: 42° Winds: SE 10-15 G 25 MPH

Saturday: Partly sunny and breezy with a cold front moving in bringing a small potential for rain (10%) . High Temperature: 61° Winds: S/NNW 10-15 G 25 MPH

Sunday: Sunny and windy. High Temperature: 57° Winds: N/SSE 10-20 G30 MPH

Monday: Mostly cloudy with breezy southerly winds and some light rain with accumulations between 1/10″-1/4″ . High Temperature: 64° Winds: S/SSE 15-20 G 30 MPH

Tuesday: Partly cloudy as a cold front moves through with a small chance (40%) at some wintry mix, mainly north of I-20. Impacts are expected to be minimal. High Temperature: 48° Winds: SSW 15-20 G30 MPH

Wednesday: Partly sunny with breezy winds following a cold snap, so don’t forget the 4 p’s. People, pets, plants, pipes. High Temperature: 49°

Thursday: Partly sunny breezy grab the flannel jackets, warm cup of coffee and perhaps light the fireplace. High Temperature: 51°