June 2nd, 2023

Summary: Mostly sunny as you start off the morning, then into the evening out towards the west, a dry-line will initiate a line of storms that will propagate east. Along the leading edge heavy rain, large hail and strong winds will be possible as well as a few spin ups possible. Then, behind the edge the potential for flash flooding to occur. Then Saturday brings the chance for some strong to severe storms once again. As Sunday rolls around a weakening front will limit the temperatures by about a degree or two. Keeping temperatures below average with rain chances on the steady.

Today: Mostly sunny and warm but below average with a dry-line expected to move through. High Temperature: 87 ° Winds: SSE 10-15 MPH

Tonight: Strong to severe storms along a squall line with a threat for isolated tornados along a bow echo. Along the leading edge lightning, large hail, strong winds and a brief spin up will be possible. With flooding in the area behind the leading edge. Low Temperature: 64 ° Winds: SSE 5-15 MPH