Monday, February 27th, 2023


Following last night’s cold front and squall line, cooler temperatures and strong winds speeds continue. However, although breezy temperatures will be above normal and quite pleasant a cold front will be moving into the region come Thursday with strong winds and dry air.


Today: Sunny, warm and breezy following the yesterday’s cold front. High Temperature: 75° Winds: W 15-20 G 30 MPH

Tonight: Mostly clear with light winds. Low Temperature: 48° Winds: SW 10 MPH.

Tuesday: Some upper level clouds moving into the big country through the morning making for a nice sunrise, with breezy winds. High Temperature: 80° Winds: WSW 10-20 MPH

Wednesday: First day of march and meteorological spring, mostly sunny conditions with calm winds. High Temperature: 77° Winds: W>S 5-15 MPH

Thursday: VERY WINDY out ahead of our next cold front, temperatures still above average. High Temperature: 74° Winds: W>NW 15-35 G 50 MPH Rain chance (40%)

Friday: Sunny with strong winds. High Temperature: 60° Winds: NW>W 10-25 G 30 MPH

Saturday :Sunny and breezy. High Temperature: 62°

Sunday: Mostly sunny with breezy winds. High Temperature: 71°.