Connect to Support: Military Veterans Peer Network

     The Military Veteran Peer Network is a community-based,  peer led support network, offering individual and group services for those who have experienced trauma or adjustment related to military life. Our Veteran Counseling program works to bring evidence-based therapies to veterans in rural areas who may not have traditional VA benefits or insurance. These Veteran Services are offered for Service Members, Veterans, and their families. MVPN and Veteran Counseling are programs of Betty Hardwick Center and are connected to the Texas Veterans Commission. To schedule an intake appointment: 325-627-0908

Early Childhood Intervention

ECI focuses on children, from birth to three years of age with disabilities and developmental delays. They and their families are given the support they need so that they can live their best lives. There is a vast array of services that assist parents as they create an environment where their child can thrive. Some of those services include: counseling, family education, social work services, speech-language therapy, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, nursing services and more. For more information, or to request an Intake assessment, call Betty Hardwick ECI at 325-627-0908.

Live and Thrive

At Betty Hardwick, we envision “full, safe and healthy lives for everyone in our community.”  Adult mental health services are designed to address severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or major depression. Children ages 3-17 with mental illness, emotional or behavioral disorders can benefit from services as well. For more information about how to access services, call 1-800-758-3344 and speak with an Admissions Screener