ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – 72-year-old Johnnie Dee Miller was found guilty Thursday night, after just two short days in the Murder trial of Aaron Howard. Miller’s son, Michael, 36, was also tried and found not guilty by the same jury.

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The case of an alleyway shootout would gain local infamy since the father and son were arrested in September 2018. As accounts go, the Millers and their alleyway neighbor, Howard, were arguing in the alley over a box spring discarded between their homes. As arguments escalated into a shouting and cursing match, Howard’s then fiancé, Kara Box, took out her phone to film the fight.

What Howard’s partner could not have predicted was the moment she saw Johnnie Dee reveal a firearm, then Michael walked back out with a shotgun. At this time, Howard was unarmed. The father and son continued to argue back and forth with Howard, and he was later handed a baseball bat. At that time, Johnnie Dee shot Howard in the forearm, causing him to throw the bat. Johnnie Dee then shot Howard two more times as Michael shot him in the back of the head. This was all recorded by Box.

The question in the trial for the Murder of Aaron Howard wasn’t whether or not the Millers shot him, but whether or not it was self defense.

After only two days of emotional testimony, both the state and defense rested Thursday morning.

During closing statements Thursday afternoon, the defense implored the jury to walk in the Millers’ shoes. The attorney showed a bat to the jurors, reminding them of Howard’s 6’7″ stature. Similarly, the state attorney showed the jury a shotgun and pistol, reminding them that a firearm is always a deadly weapon.

It was around 7:40 Thursday night, after about four hours, when jurors finally emerged from chambers, finding Johnnie Dee guilty in the Murder charge of Aaron Howard. The next step will be his sentencing hearing, set for Friday morning. Stay with BigCountryHomepage.com as these details unfold.