COLEMAN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – “I was very terrified. I saw him face first on the ground and ran to him like, ‘oh my god, dad,” recalled 14-year-old David Litton of Coleman, when he was faced with a challenge no son should have to face: Saving his father’s life.

It was a loud crash around 7:30 Monday morning that woke David from his slumber. Investigating the bang, he walked into his family’s living room to find his dad, having what the family called a ‘massive heart attack.’ His grandmother acted quickly to dial 9-1-1, where she was answered by a dispatch operator from the Coleman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

“I took the phone from my grandma, and the lady on the phone told me to flip him on his back. So, I took my father, pulled him out to the middle of the living room and placed him gently on his back,” David explained. “She asked me if I knew how to perform CPR, I told her I did not. I knew a little bit of it, but I didn’t know most of it.”

Although this would be David’s first time, he performed lifesaving CPR until paramedics could arrive.

With a whole lot of luck, it was Laney Fulbright, Dispatch Supervisor for the CCSO, who answered the 9-1-1 call.

“Just with my experience alone, there’s a lot of adults that cannot do the action that he did,” Fulbright praised.

Dispatch is located at the law enforcement center, which is also the jail. Not only do these operators answer emergency calls, but they handle other jail relations as well.

Fulbright used her training to transfer David’s call to American Medical Response (AMR), a medical dispatch that is also able to stay on the phone with the caller to provide detailed medical advice. However, she said she was still thoroughly impressed with David’s actions.

“The fact that a 14-year-old was able to do the lifesaving measurements on his [dad] until additional help arrived is absolutely amazing,” Fulbright commended.

Above all, David’s biggest fan is his mother, Kendra Blaire. She said she was boasting with pride for her son’s heroic actions.

“I’m so proud of him… [It] made me so proud that David was there to help,” Blaire gloated. “He took control, and you know, a lot of boys, kids, adults can’t do that sort of thing… I just thought he needed to be recognized for what he’d done.”

Thanks to David’s quick action, his father was able to make it to a hospital safely and is now recovering nicely.