ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – KRBC reporter Jennifer Servo was found dead in her Abilene apartment 18 years ago in a murder case that remains unsolved.

Servo moved to Abilene in 2002 with high hopes of beginning a long career in journalism. She had been reporting with KRBC for just three months when she was sexually assaulted, strangled, and killed.

Her ex-boyfriend, Ralph Sepulveda, remains the only named suspect in her death. Servo and Sepulveda once shared the apartment where her body was found.

Sepulveda joined Servo on her journey to Abilene when she accepted the job at KRBC. Their relationship came to an end shortly after, when Servo discovered he had a secret fiancee and child back in Montana, but the couple agreed to remain friends. 

Sepulveda’s last known residence is in Baltimore, Maryland, according to Servo’s father, Norm Olson, who says he hasn’t given up hope and is still actively searching for her killer.  

A single tip could could give Jennifer the justice she deserves.

Anyone who has knowledge of the crime should call the Abilene Crime Stoppers at (325) 676-8477.

In 2014, police said they were ‘investigating new leads’ but never elaborated and have no further information on what came of that investigation.