ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two new Mexican restaurants have opened up in the Key City during the holiday season, and many people have been raving about the new eateries. 

KTAB/KRBC spoke with the owners of both restaurants – Celso’s and Mexico Viejo – to find out why they both opened and how they became so popular so fast. We ran into one customer at Celso’s who said he was automatically hooked the first time he came to the restaurant.  

“I’ve been here four times in the last two weeks,” said customer Joel Villarreal, explaining that it is because the food is authentic. “They make you feel like home. So, it’s home away from home.”

Both restaurants have authentic Mexican food – which is why they decided to open in the first place. The owners said they came to visit Abilene, and there was not enough good authentic Mexican food, so they created their own. 

“I just feel like Abilene needed a little bit more,” said Andres Martinez, owner of Celso’s. 

These two restaurants opened during the holiday season, and Martinez said this time of year brings in the lowest amount of business for Mexican restaurants. 

“It’s understandable,” Martinez reasoned. “A lot of people go out to visit family and vacations, but Abilene has been treating me good.”

Now, many people have been posting about them on Facebook, mainly on the Facebook page ‘Abilene Dining Reviews.’ 

“I never expected this to happen,” revealed Martinez. “As it was getting closer to opening, I was frightened, because, like I said, this is new to me – being an owner.” 

Both restaurants are reportedly doing surprisingly well, which Martinez attributed to his restaurant’s service. Over at Mexico Viejo, owner Miael Perez said fresh food is the key to his business’s success. 

“I cook everything fresh every day. Nothing comes in a can or frozen,” Perez explained. 

Both owners said they hoped business will get even better after the holiday season, with the good reviews they have been getting so far. 

As always, rely on firsthand experience. You can try a dish from Celso’s, just two doors down from Grumps Burgers, at 3509 North 1st Street. To get a taste of Mexico Viejo Bar & Grill, nestled between Lowe’s and Hooters, at 2002 East Overland Trail.