Downtown Abilene will be undergoing some visual changes in the next couple of months. It’s all part of an “art bomb” project.

Several professional artists are teaming up with local downtown building owners to transform downtown Abilene through the art & enjoyment of contemporary public murals.

You may recognize Calina Mishay from the story we did with her first mural. She’s done two others in Abilene and now she’s part of an even bigger project with the non-profit Palette of Purpose Inc.

“I think Abilene has been ready for a change for a long time and we’ve all drug our feet taking our sweet time to do it, and there’s going to be people that have negative things to say, but it’s not going to stop everybody who has a passion for something, who’s good at what they do, from coming in and bringing something good to the community,” said Calina Mishay.

That “something good” is the 2016 Art Bomb Project. Artists team up with downtown building owners to liven up their blank buildings with murals.

“The murals themselves are something that can stand alone. At Palette of Purpose, we want to showcase artists, so it’s a way to kind of educate people on the the talent that’s in the community and it’s a way to get people more involved and I think even people that don’t necessarily consider themselves creative can get into something and enjoy something with others and feel the same way”

“I absolutely love it. I see one whenever I come into town on my way to work because I work downtown and so it’s just nice and cheerful and so I’m really excited for more murals being across town”

Tim smith is an Abilene entrepreneur who’s part of the project. He’s turning an old downtown building into his new home and loves being able to showcase the work of artists.

“People tell me everyday oh I’m glad you’re doing this downtown and really I just have a passion to see Abilene have a thriving, lively downtown,” said Smith.

He’s hoping that other business owners will take a chance and get on board,”I love that people and businesses are taking hold and running with the art. I think it only enhances your business if you have something eye catching on your building”.

Phase 1 of the art bomb project begins this fall and phase 2 will begin in the spring so that artists won’t have to work in winter weather.

If you’re an artist or business owner who would like to get involved in the 2016 Art Bomb Project, you can visit .