ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The bright lights of Hollywood are shining on a young student from Abilene.  

“I do acting and modeling and it’s really fun,” said 9-year-old Kynzie Colmery

Kynzie already has quite a portfolio according to her mother, Misty Colmery, who is set on helping her daughter chase her dreams.  

Growing up, Misty says Kynzie was always super shy and clingy, but by the time Kynzie was in kindergarten, she decided to put her into modeling.

After seeing how much Kynzie loved being on stage, Misty says she let her attend an open call for acting and has been doing it ever since.  

“A lot of times when we’re on set, I’m like, ‘Is this real?’ because as an adult you know how exciting it is, but as kids they don’t,” said Misty. 

Although the acting industry may be challenging for young children, Kynzie says she does not let the obstacles get the best of her.  

“Sometimes it gets frustrating just having to redo it, but as long as you try your best and just keep doing it and understanding more about it, then you can probably get somewhere,” said Kynzie.  

Kynzie has appeared in multiple commercials, TV shows, movies, and now the new HBO Max limited series “The Staircase.”  

“It’s really fun realizing, ‘Wow, I’m with these people,’ and not a lot of people get to experience that kind of stuff,” said Kynzie.

Misty says the best part about their whole experience is being able to be there with her daughter every step of the way.  

“It’s made it a lot closer bond because I take her to all her auditions and jobs, and I’m her reader for her self tapes, so it makes it fun,” said Misty.   

With Kynzie just being 9 years old, Misty believes Kynzie’s future is “super bright.” 

“She knows she can always stop acting if she wants to, but she just has a natural talent for it. Hopefully, if she enjoys it, she’ll keep doing it,” said Misty.  

As for Kynzie, she says she plans to continue what she loves doing best: acting. Kynzie will appear in her first episode on June 2, in the HBO Max series “The Staircase.”  

This limited series is an upcoming American true-crime drama exploring the life of Michael Peterson, his family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson.

Click here to watch the official teaser.