ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Taylor County has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases, as data has shown hundreds of cases and a high positivity rate in recent result.

Doctor Gary Goodnight, Medical Director for the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, told KTAB/KRBC family gatherings over the holiday weekend could have contributed to the higher numbers.

“Even just this past week, we’ve had over 900 positive cases,” Dr. Goodnight revealed. “When you’re traveling to other higher populated counties, you are going to have more exposure. They do have higher rates, and a lot of patients with COVID and flu in those areas.”

Because of a new Omicron subvariant, Dr. Goodnight said it’s now more important than ever to be on alert for early signs of the illness.

“Most of the COVID patients – even that I’ve seen personally as patients – is severe sore throat, are one of the on sets. Low grade fever, and just body aches… They just really feel totally drained,” stressed Dr. Goodnight.

Carrie Harms, Pharmacy Manager at Barnes and Williams Drug Center, told KTAB/KRBC if you have COVID, avoid taking medications that treat multiple symptoms.

“You’re taking ingredients for things you don’t even have. So, then you have side effects for medications, and you don’t even need those medications,” Harms explained. “So, it’s really best to come in and pick and choose the medications that you need and treat each individual symptom.”

Taking immunity supplements can help relieve some COVID symptoms. Experts say those supplements can be good to take even if you aren’t sick, as a preventative measure.

“Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc are three that I always recommend,” advised Harms. “There’s a bunch of other ones out there that people might recommend, but those three are tried and true.”

Of those 900 COVID cases, Taylor County Health said that number does not include at-home tests. So, call your doctor immediately if you are sick.

Hendrick Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rob Wiley put out a video to discuss flu, RSV and COVID-19 in the community.