ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – On a windy day in February, a tree fell onto a house and trapped Chesley Fletcher’s 98-year-old mother. Neither knew that not one, but two ‘rescues’ would happen shortly afterward.

“At first I thought it was an explosion you know,” proclaimed Fletcher.

Around noon on Wednesday, February 22, Chesley and his mother were startled to hear their pecan tree had fallen onto their home.

“Well it’s been dead for over a year,” Fletcher explained. “And me and mom were right there in the living room and then all of the sudden we heard this big rumble and bang and pow.”

The high winds from the previous night’s storm proved to be too much and the tree fell. It completely blocked the front entryway and virtually destroyed the front gate.

“We’ve been expecting something like that to happen, but me and mom, we don’t have the money to get any of that done,” Fletcher said.

When things like this happen, it can take a village to clean and repair.

“I know it’s just him and his mother that lives there, he takes care of his mother,” said their neighbor, who requested to remain anonymous. “They don’t really have any other family, like siblings and stuff that are around here that would help them out.”

Thankfully, the home sustained minimal damage and KTAB/KRBC was told the homeowners’ church is stepping up to help cover the costs. The tree service was able to have the home cleaned up in about an hour and a half, freeing up their front door.

And that wasn’t the only rescue that day as a single kitten was left behind in the center of the fallen tree.

Unfortunately, the kitten was unable to be reunited with his mom but now has a new foster mom and siblings at Taylor Jones Humane Society. The kitten was named ‘Pecan,’ in honor of the tree he was found in.