ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – When a person falls asleep, they sleep in waves. There’s Beta, Delta and then there are Theta waves. Theta waves have been proven to heal and repair the body.

In Abilene at Revive Integrated Wellness, people can access theta healing by utilizing the Theta Chamber. Brian Lee Holamon, Owner and Practitioner at Revive Integrated Wellness, said the machine is a multi-use tool for healing.

“People come in that are in pain and they don’t really know where the pain’s coming from, they just know they don’t feel good,” Holamon explained. “So it can be physical pain, it could be emotional pain, mental pain, psychological pain. But all of that shows itself somewhere in the body. So, this machine helps the body go back to a balance so that it can heal and restore itself like God meant it to.”

When clients are ready for their session, there’s a quick interview process to allow the practitioners to get to know the client a bit better. They can pick up to three issues that they could be struggling with from a screen on the front of the chamber. After that, it’s time to get in.

“So there’s a very soft frequency that we send in through the earlobes. We have goggles that you wear and in these goggles are MDR (Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) lighting,” Holamon explained. “That lighting has been used for years by psychologists to help with PTSD and trauma, it has flashes of light to help reboot the brain.”

Clients are also given headphones with special tones to further the healing process and drown out any excess noise. Then, the machine is closed and begins to spin at the same gravitational movement as the Earth. People often don’t know they’re spinning, but rather focusing on healing for thirty minutes.

Holamon chose to place this business where his roots are.

“I’m originally from Brownwood but I’ve been here for well over 20 years. I have sought to have the most advanced medical-based equipment that we could because what I wanted is, I wanted to help people find healing within spirit soul and body,” Holamon explained.

And with this chamber, Holamon said the Revive team looks forward to helping the Big Country, one Theta wave at a time. Visit Revive’s Theta Healing Chamber’s website to learn more.