Abilene woman calls for governor to open nursing homes in Texas


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) – Jan Ford’s biggest fear isn’t heights or the dark, but the reality that her parents may stop remembering her one day.   

“My dad has very advanced dementia, which is where the brain starts losing its function,” she said.

Being taken care of at the Lyndale Memory Care Center, Jan said she’s doing her best under the current circumstances but with the doors being closed, she can’t do much.   

“And the fact that they are in lockdown and their key to remembering is family, but family can’t go in right now,” she said.    

She said there’s no bad blood with her and her parents living facility. So, when she made and put out signs reading, ‘Governor Abbott open the doors it’s time.”  

The messages were meant for someone with a little more authority.   

“I’m trying to get the governor’s attention,” she said.   

But Governor Greg Abbott in a press conference said 75% of deaths due to COVID-19 occur in ages 65 and older, stressing the fragility of populations living in senior care centers.   

“And especially those in that age group who have some other health-based condition,” Abbott said.  

The Governor also emphasized that new cases are largely a result of hot spots in jails and nursing homes, like in Collin County, who had 120 new positive results.   

“One reason for that is because some test came back from an assisted living facility in Collin County, which is obviously of concern,” he said.

But with no hard date to look forward to a physical embrace, only tempered glass stands in between her and her parents.  

“The rare days he does recognize me and says my name, which I don’t get to hear very often,” she said.   

Governor Greg Abbott did not mention any plans in opening nursing care facilities in his reopening plans.   

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