ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A nearly 11,000 square foot home in the Vaquero Ranch subdivision sits incomplete and the clock is ticking for the owners to make a decision before it could be demolished.

Tom Choate, attorney for the Vaquero Ranch Homeowners Association, gave a visual of the house and what neighbors see daily.

“When you go in that subdivision and you’re looking straight ahead, the first thing you see is this sort of green monster; this house that’s covered in green materials and unfinished and has plywood up in the windows and has bricks that have been sitting out there for a couple of years. You never can escape it, ever,” Choate said.

The house has sat vacant and unfinished for nearly three years. The owners started the house, but then stopped construction and left it undone. This has caused issues for the people who live nearby, like resident Mollie Zavaleta, who lives directly across the street from the house.

“It was pretty bad. Before they came and kind of cleaned up the yard and stacked up all the bricks, we were getting all kinds of debris in our yard and that was probably the most frustrating part of it,” Zavaleta explained.

The Board of Building Standards ensures that homes and buildings in the Abilene area are up to code. Residents spoke at the meeting on Wednesday, June 7, to voice their concerns and the effects this house could have on the value of the neighborhood.

The six bedroom house has racked up a list of code violations, including hazardous electrical wiring and plumbing, inadequate sanitation, and was also deemed a structural hazard.

The Board of Building Standards voted to give the owners of the house 30 days to sell the property or have the construction completed. The house could be demolished and the lot cleared if there is no progress by the middle of July.