ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – 52 dogs and one cat named Pearl was flown out of Abilene Aero early Friday morning. Rescue the Animals SPCA, in collaboration with Dog is My Co-pilot and All Kind Animal Initiative, rescued these pets from the streets and hoarder houses. Now these animals have been given their chance to find a forever home in Canada and Montana.

According to the Executive Director of Rescue the Animals SPCA, Lora Jones, the issue at hand is capacity. The animals being rescued will create more space for other cats and dogs that are also waiting to be rescued.

“If we have 100 empty kennels, we always need 101… What this does is it empties out 52 kennels today for us, and I have 24 dogs coming in today… That’s how fast these kennels fill up, but it’s very important because those are dogs that may not have had a chance by next week,” Jones explained.

The reason they’re flying them up north is the lack of overpopulation in those areas. Jones shared that Canada’s and the northern states’ more strict spay and neuter laws have led to a decrease in the wild pet population.

“Our numbers were high, unusually high. Even in a month, that’s historically hard on animal rescue,” Jones said.

In fact, half of the 52 dogs they transported were saved from hoarder homes where resources like food and affection can be shockingly scarce.

“Generally, those animals are highly stressed just from living in a small area. Generally, they’re all kept in the house in despicable conditions,” Jones shared.

Thanks to this animal transport program, each one of them will get the chance to receive just as much love as they give.

“Where they’ll be properly fed and looked after… Where they get to be treated as something special and… and that they’re wanted,” expressed Jones.

Each of these pets was medically cleared by local professionals, and they will be received in Canada and Montana, where they will be made available for adoption by loving families.