Abilene Animal Services Shelter welcomes interim director


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Abilene Animal Services Shelter is welcoming in a new director for the first time since March.

It’s all part of a deal approved by the Abilene City Council in May, partnering with Best Friends Animal Society to help get the shelter back on its feet.

The plan uses the money from the Animal Services yearly budget.

The man being called a ‘Dog’s best friend’ in Abilene is Michael Bricker.

“It’s amazing, it’s the best,” said the interim director Bricker.

Bricker walked into the doors of the Abilene Animal Services Shelter just about 10 days ago, looking to teach an old dog new tricks.

“Nine of every 10 animals that walks in through the doors makes it out,” said Bricker. “Abilene is currently saving 74%.”

In order to make up that extra 16%, Bricker is buckling down and focusing on the animals who are having trouble getting out of their cages and into forever homes.

“We need to figure out why cats aren’t making it out of our shelter and then putting plans and programs into place to ensure that they do,” said Bricker.

Bricker has already planned to implement a foster care program and reduced adoption fees to help solve this problem.

“Seeing the animals that may not have had a chance just even the day or the week before now are getting out is amazing,” said Bricker.

While most of the changes have to do with the animals, the place they call home is also getting a makeover.

By the time the year is up, Bricker hopes the shelter will not just be a place where owners can save animals, but one where the shelter can help the owners.

“Changing an animal shelter’s not just one person coming in and making those changes, it’s the team and figuring out who are all the players on that team,” said Bricker.

Even though Best Friends Animal Society has until next July to reach that 90% save rate, Bricker is confident they will reach that mark before the deadline.

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