ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – After almost a month of being closed due to an outbreak of parvo and distemper, the Abilene Animal Shelter will open its doors for adoptions.

The City of Abilene Animal Services announced on Facebook earlier today that the shelter will allow adoptions starting Monday, October 17, with some restrictions in place.

No physical contact will be allowed between guests and animals, unless a meet-and-greet is arranged by staff.

Certain parts of the shelter will be closed for safety. This closure will help in the prevention of new arrivals that have not been fully vaccinated from spreading anything that may affect other animals.

Owner surrenders will not be accepted at the animal shelter through the end of 2022, as one of the reasons this outbreak spread at an alarming rate was due to over-crowding in the shelter.

Animal Control Officers will resume picking up non-aggressive stray dogs, but public drop off is discouraged. If someone finds a stray, Animal Services ask that they find the animals home, or call their office at 325-698-0085 to send an officer out to pick up the stray.

The shelter will be closely monitoring each animal with strict cleaning protocols in place. Puppies, sick dogs and elderly dogs will be kept out of the general population.

For more information, go to abilenetx.gov/aninimalservices. As the shelter re-opens with these increased safety protocols, the City of Abilene Animal Services thanks those who continued their support.