ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – When most people think about sports, they picture football, soccer, baseball, or maybe some others, but axe throwing isn’t usually the first sport which may come to mind. However, one group of Abileneans is looking to make it big as professional axe throwers.

On a typical day at Abilene Axe Company, you might see families enjoying an activity, but on Wednesday nights, it’s all about focus. This is where you will find Abilene’s axe throwing league – a group of people dedicated to throwing axes for sport.

Seeing an ad for the sports club, Chris Veail told KTAB/KRBC he began his axe throwing journey during the COVID-19 pandemic because he was tired of being stuck at home. Now, he calls the activity a passion.

“Having something to do that motivates you and keeps you active, that’s always going to be important no matter what that is,” explained Veail. “And for some of us, that’s axe throwing.”

As he continued to throw, Veail said he quickly learned this hobby helped him grow as a person, “I mean, it taught me consistency.”

This league of axe throwers has some real potential to go pro, at least, according to Daniel Abarca – who came to host a clinic in Abilene, teaching people about the sport. 

“So, you start in January, and all the way through the fall, you want to make it to the big show which is the world championship,” explained Abarca. 

Abarca is a professional in axe throwing. In fact, for qualified throwers, he ranked top 10 in the world. 

Like many other newbies to axe throwing, Abarca said he started out years ago to help him get through hard times.

“It keeps me distracted from thinking bad things, like I’m sad,” said Abarca. “Instead, it actually helps me feel alive.”

Co-owner of Abilene Axe Company, Drew Long told KTAB/KRBC the Abilene location opened for a recreational opportunity. It originally was a mobile unit, opening in the spring of 2019. By that summer, it had a permanent location in the SoDA District.

“We kind of felt like, that was a void here in the market,” Long said. 

Owners of the axe company said they never expected a league to come out of this, or, as Veail put it, a community.

“Every league is about six to eight weeks, so we really don’t get tired of each other that much,” Veail assured.

Click here to join Abilene’s axe throwing league and learn more about Abilene Axe Company.