ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Christmas is quickly approaching, and finding the perfect gift for your spouse or a loved one can be challenging, especially when nationwide shortages are impacting the market.

However, some of Abilene’s local businesses are getting creative this holiday season by creating unique gift ideas for the last-minute shopper.

Carol Dromgoole, co-owner of Texas Star Trading, said she and her husband have been making gift baskets for almost 15 years.

“We have this small one which is mostly snack items, but we have these, they are packed up, ready to go for shipping,”  Dromgoole said.

Their own Texas-themed gift sets have become a popular staple in their store. They use a variety of foods, gifts and shirts to make their baskets, all centered around Abilene.

This year, though, they added a new box set that features a Mexican vanilla, wooden spoon and pottery bowl that Dromgoole said should be a bestseller this Christmas.

Down the street at K. Ellis Boutique, Kayla Rollins is selling earrings made from another small business owner in Louisiana. She said that they are a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas season.

“They’re glittery, they’re fun, and they’re very colorful,” Rollins said. “They’re great for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, too.” 

Rollins said her Christmas shirts, ornaments and soap are all great gift ideas as well, but her favorite is a wooden charcuterie platter called ‘Dear Santa.’

“It has a place for the milk, the cookies and then also some carrots for the reindeer, it’s just a great little board,” Rollins said.

Around the corner, Grain Theory is selling Advent boxes for the first time. Lead bartender Jacob Esparza said they are trying to create the best all-around box for the beer and coffee lover.

“We’re going to have different things in here that aren’t available in store,” Esparza said. “Whether that’s a new beer or glass, different things like that, special beans, special shirts for this box, you never know.” 

You’ll punch out one of the numbers on the back and get surprised with specialty coffee beans, a new beer or limited edition merchandise. Esparza said the box will go on pre-order later this week.

All with ties to the Key City.