ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As the calendar inches closer to autumn, businesses that thrive under the sun are savoring the final moments of their busiest season.

Mike Einkauf has been the owner of Shaved Ice Shack for 14 years. Throughout the last decade, the business has grown. He added that they even make their own ice as a business, so the shaved ice tastes the same every time.

“Hundreds, we do a lot of shaved iced here. We have a great customer base and great customer loyalty,” shared Einkauf.

He opened up shop during spring break, but with the Texas heat, business would sometimes slow down.

“Once it starts getting over 100, it actually starts slowing down a little bit. It’s too hot; nobody wants to get outside,” said Einkauf.

When it’s not too hot, customers start flowing in, keeping staff busy.

“Well, we make our own ice and so we try to keep up. We do have to buy some because it’s hard to keep up sometimes,” Einkauf explained.

Ashley Barnes with Sup Abilene shared that they’ve welcomed many customers this last year.

“We definitely had a busier year this year, just kind of all around. Our busiest day is probably around 50 to 75 people,” shared Barnes.

The beach shop is known for its sand volleyball and paddleboard rentals.

“The hammocks, laying out by the water, drinks in your tumbler,” shared Barnes.

She shared that she wants to hang on to summer as long as possible.

“It’s just so nice, and I just want to be able to offer this little retreat for people as long as possible, maybe even add some fire pits and prolong that for the winter, so we’ll wait and see,” explained Barnes.

The Shaved Ice Shack and Abilene staples, such as the splash pads, will remain open until mid-October.