“It’s a good creative outlet for me,” Ivy White, owner of Blue Ivy, said.

Blue iIvy is just one of the businesses featured at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce’s Children Business Fair.

“I got polymer clay for my birthday, and I have a cousin who makes them, so I asked her if I could help and started making them too,” White said.  

Ivy White started making earrings during the pandemic.

“I can make my own designs and make it how I want,” White said. 

And now has turned her passion into a small business.

Noah Rolarson has a similar beginning to his latest passion Noah’s Toy Box.

“I just like building stuff a lot,” Rolarson said. “My mom bought me this printer for my birthday, and i just like it and starting printing and found out the business fair was happening and could sell some of these for money.”  

Noah runs a 3D toy printing business, making designs on an app and then printing the product up.  

“You can make all of this in a short amount of time, see this just finished right here and it’s another fidget ring,”  Rolarson said. 

“It just teaches them life skills they are going to need.” 

Which is why the Chamber has these fairs, to inspire young entrepreneurs to be role models for the next generation.