ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Mission Abilene Church in North Abilene is at a loss after the catalytic converter was stolen out of the church’s last operable vehicle.

The theft happened sometime after 6:00 p.m. last Friday, April 21, and is now the second time it’s happened this month.

The church told KTAB/KRBC they use their vans and buses to transport congregation members to and from church, but won’t be able to since every catalytic converter has been stolen from their vehicles.

“It just limits what we’re able to do in the community because we don’t have running vehicles and it’s very costly to replace them. This is a crime that’s hard, too, for the cops to work because there’s so few leads when things aren’t turned in,” said Sheri Bennett, Mission’s administrative pastor.

Thieves can slide under vehicles and steal the part within minutes, even from cars parked in neighborhoods.

There is bright lamp that light the parking lot at Mission Abilene and one security camera on the east side of the building, however, it did not capture any footage of the thefts.

A local body shop has offered to cover the repairs free of charge, but the church will have to raise the funds to purchase new catalytic converters, which cost about $600 dollars each.

Police are still looking into the situation. Follow this link to learn how you can help donate.