ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene City Council will be discussing and taking action on 12 agenda items during its upcoming meeting Thursday, November 17. Here’s what you need to know:

Agenda item four is discussing taking action and awarding bid #2310: Honey Bee and Honey Bee Circle Road construction to Bontke Brothers, Inc. The relocated Honey Bee Road is being moved to a newly platted right-of-way, also including new driveways and drainage ditches. Bontke Brothers Construction won the bid with an amount of $1,948,822.45. If the bid is approved, the resolution will go into effect immediately.

Item 5 is taking action on approving a contractual agreement between the City of Abilene and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to acquire right-of-way and adjust utilities on Highway 83, where Old Anson Road meets Highway 277 heading north towards Hawley.

According to the Texas Administrative Code, the City is obligated to pay a portion of the total project, which is 10% or $2,000. TxDOT will be fully responsible for the design, construction and management of the project.

The old Abilene Hotel on East Highway 80 will also be featured in Agenda Item 10. John Felder has requested a conditional use permit to allow for multi-family use on the three-acre plot. According to Director of Planning and Zoning Tim Littlejohn, the buyer hopes to refurbish the hotel and make it operational, with the potential to turn it into apartments down the line.

Abandoned for years now, the Abilene Hotel was close to getting demolished this August, however a private group from Houston tried fundraising to turn it into extended-stay veteran housing, however that funding fell through.

Hardin Simmons University is requesting to abandon Simmons Avenue between Ambler Avenue and University Boulevard. If approved, University Boulevard would be extended west from Simmons Avenue and constructed at HSU’s expense.

According to documents provided ahead of the City Council meeting, the purpose is to leave the roadway in place and to convert it into a private street that can be gated to restrict motorized traffic, while also limiting vehicular traffic and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety on campus.

Lastly, after three weeks, Abilene City Council will vote on adding a third Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) behind Taylor Elementary School off of East North 10th Street.

The 20-year temporary TIRZ would be the first of its kind in Abilene, hoping to bring in a 911-home subdivision. The current land brings in just shy of $1,000 annually in taxes, but after the completion, could bring in just a little more than $11 million. Click here for the full explainer.