ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene City Council unanimously voted to approve the resolution to prohibit obscene or harmful materials for minors at the public library.

Robert Hannah, City Manager, asked city council members to adopt a resolution that directs staff to protect minors. The removal of books that qualify as obscene and/or harmful will be left to the jurisdiction of the City Manager.

In the resolution, ‘obscene’ is defined as material that the average person would find an interest in sex, describes offensive descriptions or represents sexual acts or other acts of human sexuality. ‘Harmful material’ is defined as anything that would appeal to a minor’s interest in sex or nudity.

Kyle McAlister, Abilene City Council Member, shared his support in this resolution.

“I don’t think anybody wants that. I don’t think anybody wants to expose our kids to obscenity,” McAlister expressed. “And that’s what this is designed to do, is to say we are going to focus on protecting our kids from obscenity.

Anthony Williams, Mayor, said there was some ambiguity in the law and this proposal puts clear definition on it with provisions of the Texas Penal Code.