Abilene community members come together to form the African American Leadership Council


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene Community members are coming together to form a new group, the African American Leadership Council.

Dozens gathering at the “Station-one venue” near downtown Abilene. “To publicly acknowledge the formation of the African American Leadership Council.”

“This location was marked with graffiti of hatred in the darkness of the night but this morning we come to mark with the words of courageous love and the open brightness of a new day”

Dr. Taylor of ACU and Dr. Kelley of HSU coming together to form the African American leadership council.

“The participants in this council plan to actively plan to actively participate in the Abilene community particularly in the big country in general by number 1 honoring the humanity of all people,” said Dr. Kelivin Kelley, HSU’s professor of theology.

They plan to address structural issues in our community that they say limit people from participating in the leadership of the city.

“We’re in the building posture. We’re looking to build and show love instead of tearing things down we’re not looking for conflict”

Demetrius earthly with the newly organized Juneteenth political party in Abilene says Dr. Taylor reached out to him to be a part of the council.

“I’m building a community that’s been oppressed for over 400 plus years and they’re doing the same thing so if we put these two together it’s going to be an amazing thing to see.”

The crowd filled with people standing in solidarity, even the owner whose business was marked with the racist graffiti.

“We just want to thank you guys for coming out and supporting us this affected us personally this is not only or business but it soon to be our home upstairs so this is where we live.

Dr. Kelley says they are still in the early phases but they are looking to add members to the council.

Abilene mayor Anthony Williams and police chief Stan Standridge were in attendance.

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