ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – At a city council meeting Thursday morning, the Abilene Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (ACBV) presented their new logo. The previous logo, that has been used since 2008, was replaced with an updated version to encompass the city’s growth.

Robert Lopez, Vice President of the ACVB, said that growth is what inspired the change.

“Definitely a good logo encompasses the history and the heritage and honors that but embraces the future,” Lopez said. “With all of the change happening in the city, from the downtown convention center hotel opening, you know, remodeling of the convention center, the work going on downtown. A lot of different things happening around the city. Let’s set Abilene up for success in the future.”

The design process for the new logo took four months. The main and alternate logos include a unique orange and blue pairing, the orange inspired by the bricks of the city-paving the way for Abilene’s success. The center, a buffalo, representing the Key City’s resilience.

The ACVB are not the only ones to use this logo, rather they are essentially the stewards of it. Rochelle Johnson, Taylor County Expo Center’s Executive Vice President, praises the ACVB on including the entire city.

“I really like that Robert indicated that the logo is not just the convention and visitor’s bureau’s logo, but that they are stewards of the logo and that it belongs to all of us in Abilene. That just struck my heart,” Johnson said.

Even residents are on board with the new logo and are happy to see the city represented in such a great way. Lawrence Haymond has lived in Abilene for 10 years and says the logo is sure to stand out.

“I think it’s awesome and I like it. And this will be something that I think all the residents, and especially visitors, they’ll notice this,” said Haymond.

The ACVB has already replaced the website and social media icons with the logos, and plan on having merchandise out soon as well.