ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For the past week, the students of Taylor Elementary have been bringing in boxes of cereal, pasta, rice, and other food goods to be donated to the Christian Service Center Pantry.

But before they were loaded up and shipped off, the over 500 boxes were lined up like dominoes across the school’s first and second floor. The chain reaction that followed shows a deeper meaning for the students.

“There was so much excitement. I think a lot of our students didn’t really know what to expect when they heard ‘domino effect,'” says Taylor Principal Leslye Roberts.

Just as the boxes fell into each other and moving the line along, it’s Roberts’s hope that the students will see the long term effects of their actions, each act of kindness cascading through the community one after the other.

“We’re really trying to show students opportunities to share kindness and talking about what that looks like,” Roberts says.

Christian Service Center Operations Manager Joe Arguilo and Executive Director Jim Clark were given the honor of tipping the first boxes, setting the two story train in motion. Though Arguilo says that honor paled in comparison to the selflessness they saw on display in the school.

“To see the kids involved, introducing themselves willing and ready to serve, and you could just feel the presence of joy,” Arguilo says.

The event was coordinated by the schools Lighthouse Team, a group of students that work together to display and instill the school’s characteristics of success, according to Roberts. She says this Domino Drive will become an annual event for the school.