ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For some, getting rid of old items may leave a guilty conscience, especially if those items have been passed down through generations. 

Abilene resident Walton Worthy is currently starting that process after collecting decades of items that hold sentimental value to him and his family. 

“I don’t want to draw this out any more than we have to. It’s not their things that make them, it’s your memories of them, it’s your love for them,” said Worthy. 

Over the last five years, Worthy has been tossing around the idea of a major cleanup, but first, he wanted his mother’s permission before she passed away. 

“Getting her to turn over that responsibility and letting me make those decisions is hard on her, but in time she saw that it was probably the best course of action,” said Worthy. 

Once the decision was made, Worthy hired a new small business in Abilene called Adorn Your Space that helps families discard items and get organized.

Adorn Your Space Owner Jamie Purnell says her service helps ease the pain of throwing away items that have been in the family for years, which is beneficial for Worthy. 

“We’re actually helping them decide what they want to keep, what they need to trash, if they want to donate anything,” said Purnell.

Adorn Your Space specializes in a variety of services both in homes and businesses, and Purnell says the City of Abilene has been nothing but supportive. 

“I love what I do, being able to come out and help people with their things, and honestly, being an entrepreneur and a mom boss, this gives me the flexibility to be able to do things I do,” said Purnell. 

Although cleaning is a tedious journey, Worthy says this process would take him months, maybe even years to do without their help.  

“It’s a hard process, but having someone here to help and go through everything is amazing and means a lot,” said Worthy. 

If interested or in need of organizing, you can contact Adorn Your Space by clicking here