Abilene Freedom Festival continues to grow in second year


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – The second ever Abilene Freedom Festival is in the books, and while the books don’t show exactly how many people were in attendance this year, by all accounts, it’s grown since the first event.

“We probably were the second largest fireworks display in the State of Texas”, said committee member Gary Grubbs. “By no means does that mean we were small. They had fireworks going on somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes.”

So, how many fireworks does it take to get a thirty minute show? As it turns out, that’s another stat without an exact answer.

“I think he had three flatbeds set up in sequence to shoot off”, said Grubbs. “It’s quite an array.”

As it turns out, three flatbeds worth is the precise number of fireworks it takes to bring people to a stop across the city.

According to Grubbs, “You could see it coming up the road. People were lined up along the highways, down the access road, down south 11th.”

The name of the game is “big”. Next year promises to continue that trend, and then some.

For Grubbs, the plan for next year is simple: “Just trying to find different activities, different opportunities for people to get involved. Foodtrucks, vendors, different sponsors.”

Even without an exact number of attendees, it’s safe to call Abilene Freedom Festival a success as it passes the year two mark.

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