ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For some, planting and gardening have already begun because, in classic Texas style, March has provided some warm temperatures so far. In the next couple of days, those temperatures will drop, something the Owner of Willow Creek Gardens Adam Andrews said farmers have to prepare for.

“The weather is constantly changing for us and so you got to kind of be prepared for that,” Andrews explained.

On Friday, March 17, the temperatures will dip down into the thirties. Andrews shared some tips on how to preserve plants during this upcoming cold snap.

“If you see that we’re getting down to 35-34 degrees, just run out there and put a sheet on it. Don’t use plastic. Use something that will breathe,” Adam advised.

For the plants with blooms, Andrews added to bring them inside, if possible, to help preserve blooms. He also shared a common mistake many inexperienced gardeners make when watering around a freeze.

“Don’t spray the plant themselves, creating ice on the leaves is not what you want,” said Andrews. “You’re just going to water the soil like you normally would.”

He advised first-time gardeners to not let the weather steer them away, as there are plenty of easy plants and vegetables for beginners.

“Tomatoes are always an easy plant to grow, peppers, green peppers, bell peppers or the jalapeño style peppers. And another plant we kind of don’t think about is herbs, herbs and spices,” said Andrews.

Even with the unpredictable March weather, Andrews said you don’t want to be a late bloomer.

“We’re coming up on our last average freeze which is I think around the 27th of March,” Andrews explained. “But you really should’ve had these things started by now. You really want to get them planted and the plants up to speed before we get into too much of the warm temperatures.”

Andrews said even though these temperatures are not ideal, the cold won’t be around long enough to do any serious damage to plants.