ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – At a hearing for a Child Abuse case at the Taylor County Courthouse, the last thing you’d expect to see is a gang of bikers, complete with leather vests and beards, to show up in support of the child in question. Abilene’s chapter of Guardians of the Children will do just that, but they need help from Abilene’s public to continue their mission.

Darren Jones looks the part and even has the biker name.

“My road name is ‘Bones,’ most people refer to me as Bones,” he said.

He’s got the vest and, most importantly, he’s got the bike- all of which send a certain signal.

“When individuals see motorcycles and individuals invest in motorcycles they get the idea of, ‘okay bikers and they’re bad,’ and they get enthusiastic about them,” Bones illustrated.

Even so, Bones rides his motorcycle for a cause with an organization called “Guardians of the Children, Abilene Chapter,” in which he leads the group as president.

“We work with abused children and their families that have court cases or have had a court case,” Bones explained. “We’re support members for the families and the children.”

Bones told KTAB/KRBC he and his group often allows children and their families into the gang, even giving them their own biker names.

“We have children that we refer to as ‘Speedy, Sparkle,’ and that’s exactly how we will address the children,” Bones said. “The parents; the mom is ‘mom,’ the dad is ‘dad’ or grandma… If they have a certain name they want that’s what we use.”

Guardians of the Children provide Abilene kids and families with a support system, to make sure they feel heard.

“Let them know that you’re a confidentiality person. You do not speak or talk about anything that’s going on with their family, or the children to anyone,” Bones said.

Since 2009, The Abilene chapter has helped 15 to 16 families across the Big Country, and they have around 12 to 13 children. This program is free-of-charge for these families who need their help. The group raises funds through fundraising events.

“We still need to raise more funds,” Bones pleaded. “Everything goes up, so storage fees have went up and we’re still doing things for our kids as much as we possibly can.”

Abilene’s chapter of Guardians of the Children said it hopes to continue to help children and families of the Big Country.

To donate to the non profit through Abilene Gives, click here.

To learn more about the group, and maybe even join, visit their Facebook page here.