ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For some, the Thanksgiving preparation may just be setting in. But grocery stores all across the nation have been planning for this day for months. Meticulously ordering extra and stocking shelves in anticipation of the day before Thanksgiving rush.

These preparations can start as early as July, according to Time Ferrar, Abilene’s Judge Ely United store manager.

“We started prepping around summertime. Your July-August time frame. Trying to get ready and prepared for these Thanksgiving holiday rushes,” Ferrar explained.

Ferrar said that early bird shoppers have already come and gone to get the essentials out of the way, with some stopping by as early as Halloween.

“As soon as Halloween was over, holiday items started flying off the shelves,” Ferrar recalled.

But with proper preparation, the shelves are still far from empty. And that includes turkey. So, no need to fret if you haven’t made it in just yet.

“We’re pretty heavily stocked on some of the most major items for Thanksgiving Day,” said Ferrar.

But what about the items you can’t pick up early? That is the question Robert and Linda Taylor have been asking as the big day fast approaches.

“Yeah, we’re a little worried this year that fresh turkey might be tough to get,” Robert expressed.

For the Taylors’, fresh turkey is a Thanksgiving tradition, for which they say their willing to wake up early and do what they need to secure their bird.

“Haha, well I don’t know if I’m gonna throw elbows, but I might give a gentle shove,” Linda chuckled.

And with stakes that high, a game plan can make all the difference. With most stores offering an online or even on-phone shopping service, prices and items can be selected before ever stepping foot in the store. Just remember that holiday items go fast, so what the app says is in store, may be gone by the time you get in.

“It’s real simple real easy real fast. It saves a lot of money,” Ferrar said.