Abilene group organizing independent political party


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) As tensions continue to rise across the U.S. surrounding racial inequality, one Abilene man is taking matters into his own hands.

“I’m providing something that I feel could be subtenant, that can affect the political arena so, we can stop having to show up to these candlelight vigils because someone else has lost their life,” says Demetrius Earthly, a community activist.

Earthly is a community activist in Abilene and created and independent politcal party.

“In a two-party system, if you don’t participate and if neither one of these parties have your interests in mind, you have to form your own party. I created my own called the juneteenth party,” says Earthly.

The part agenda is to push forward policies that benefit African American communities.

“We fight for reparations. We fight for finical literacy. We fight for citizen review boards. We fight for term limits for congressmen and we also fight for crimes against humanity in front of the UN for the treatment of the black man here in America,” says Earthly.

The current social climate is adding fuel to Earthly’s fire for change.

“Seeing all the different rallies make you feel good but, they’re not coming out with substance. I’ve been looking at local politics and that’s where you got to start. You got to win your neighbor, then your neighborhood, and then your city,” says Earthly.

He says it only takes a small group to make a big difference.

“Most of the elections are decided 150 to 200 votes. I’m looking for 300 people that’s looking to change the landscape here locally,” says Earthly.

The group is currently holding a voter registration drive to get as many people ready to vote in time.

“I want us to get out of the emotional part of politics and start looking at the actual policies and the policies that affect us in our communities and put forth our own policies so, we can make a change and affectively change the conditions that creates the George Floyd situations,” says Earthly.

The Juneteenth party held its second meeting Saturday and are hosting this year’s Juneteenth celebration at Stevenson park this coming Friday.

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