ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As we enter another weekend with a heat advisory, staying cool is on the priority list for most. Outdoor labor is never easy, but on triple digits degree days, it can be dangerous.

For one West Texas Pride Lawn Care crew, staying cool is just as important as any other safety protocol.

“The long sleeves basically keep the sun off the skin, and the more that you can keep the sun off the skin, the cooler your body will stay longer,” said Ronald Quinney, crew member with West Texas Pride Lawn Care. 

Quinney told KTAB/KRBC during this time of year, it’s typically the growing season. But most of the lawn service’s customers can’t bear the heat themselves. 

“Even with the sleeves and the jeans, you’ve got to be proactive with plenty of water and frequent breaks,” Quinney explained. 

Over at My Urgent Care Abilene, medical director Dr. John Turner said they’ve seen an increase in foot traffic regarding the heat.  

“Moving that person from the heat environment that they’re in and putting them in a nice, cool environment,” Dr. Turner continued. “Letting them hydrate enough with fluids is usually sufficient enough to fix that.”

When you cross over to heat stroke, Dr. Turner advised that the body then goes into ‘crisis mode.’

“It is now diverting your blood flow to your core organs,” Dr. Turner explained. “Because they’re not working like they’re supposed to.”

For those who do work in the heat each and every day, like Quinney and his lawn care crew, Dr. Turner encourages, “stay hydrated, stay cool. It’s the number one thing you can do.” 

Dr. Turner added that the urgent care center does anticipate more patients coming into hospitals and clinics as we continue to see the high temperatures in Abilene forecasts.