ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Big Country Home Educators says they are seeing a sharp rise in home school enrollment this year.

“I would say we’re probably going to triple this year in our home schooling numbers, we are busting at the seams,” says Abby Longley, Big Country Home Educators.

Anna Lawler is a mom of three and a former public school teacher, but for the last 9 years she has been home-schooling her kids.

“We home-school for all of the education purposes, religious purposes,” Lawler says.

Longley says this year people are choosing to home-school for various reasons.

“Before COVID, I would say maybe people home-schooled for a different reason. Maybe some reasons have changed since then,” says Longley. “We’ve heard from several families that when they had to emergency home-school in the spring, they maybe noticed some gaps in their kid’s education and they are taking that opportunity to address some of those issues.”

Lawler says that home-schooling allows her to unite her family.

“There’s still a normalcy, we’re going to get through this, this part is not going to change and we’re going to figure it out,” says Lawler.