ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – It’s no secret that it’s hot in the Big Country and all over the country, with red flags and heat advisory warnings. Now, Abilene car maintenance and HVAC technicians are issuing a warning.

Joseph Roy, with NAPA Auto Parts of Abilene, said it’s been a busy summer with these extreme temperatures.

“The heat contributes immensely to the wear on a battery, especially here in Texas. With the temperatures outdoors and the temperatures under the hood, it gets to be extremely hot and shorten the life of a battery,” shared Roy.

Although there isn’t much that can prevent the battery from overheating, Roy said newer cars come with a protective bag that keeps the battery clean, but you can also clean it yourself with a cleaning solution found in the store. Cleaning it can help it last longer, but batteries should be replaced every three years.

“Heat is a very good factor, but also a lot of them have been in a car for five to seven years,” said Roy.

He mentioned that both temperatures and the cost of the battery are increasing.

“It went up about 20 dollars. It’s $189 and was like $169 back then,” shared Roy.

Rodwick Dowston with Legit Heating and Air said triple-digit temperatures could damage your A/C unit.

“Well, you’re going to have more breakdowns, capacitors start exploding, contactors start failing. You can even get more leaks if you got rusty coils,” shared Dowston.

Dowston has been working all summer long to repair and replace units.

“Extremely busy, you know, due to the lack of work power and workforce in this industry, the HVAC industry; we’re getting overwhelmed,” added Dowston.

He shared that since the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has faced labor shortages.

“The heat is extreme. Trying to get someone to work in an attic that’s 140, 130 degrees for an extensive period of time is very challenging,” said Dowston.

Even the warehouses with supplies face shortages, so Dowston gets his supplies locally to prevent delays.

“They didn’t even have workers to unload their trucks to get them here to the branch in Abilene where we used to get parts, so still manpower issue,” shared Dowston.

Through the obstacles, Dowston said HVAC technicians are working to ensure no one goes days without a working A/C unit. He also reminds residents to replace their filters often to ensure nothing is blocking the airflow, like paper or any debris. He added that keeping up with yearly maintenance should prevent your A/C from suddenly breaking.