ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As record-breaking heat continues to affect those in the Big Country, the only ice company in Abilene is delivering almost every day to keep up with the demand, but not delivering as much to its regular consumers. 

Delivery drivers for Abilene Ice Company made their rounds earlier in the day Wednesday, in hopes to beat the heat.

“It’ll be 105 degrees and they’re going to put 2,000 pounds in a box, and they’re just dripping in sweat,” Randy Pool, owner of Abilene Ice, said. 

Delivery driver, Timothy Hood, told KTAB/KRBC even though he and his coworkers are around ice, it doesn’t cool them down while making deliveries.

“I mean, everybody thinks we’re in that trailer all day long,” Hood explained. “But generally you’re in there for five minutes at a time.” 

Hood said that, on occasion, he’ll make his first delivery as early as 4:00 in the morning, because it gets hot at around 11:00. These delivery drivers said they’ve also had to adjust their regular delivery routes, as they are not making as many deliveries to their regular customers. 

“[The heat] can actually push the people back indoors, so to speak,” Pool said.

People are spending less time at lakes and parks and spending more time doing activities in the air conditioning, like going to the movies. This has caused their normal busy days to slow down. 

“Memorial Day was very slow for us this year,” Pool said. 

While our construction crews are working in these record-breaking hot days, Abilene Ice said they’ve had to make additional deliveries to those construction sites.

“Where we see a real increase in demand, is on our commercial side,” Pool said. The business included farms, as well- adding to the delivery to-do list.

He is hoping this demand helps their company with the price of gas and diesel. 

“We can easily rack up $500 a day on one truck.” 

Gas and heat are not the only things affecting this company. The supply chain shortage has delayed them in fixing broken coolers, according to Pool. He said he hopes parts will come in very soon so he can get coolers back to their place and deliver more ice.