ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) Shotwell Stadium’s lights are being turned on once again. With a new look and new amenities, Abilene ISD is hoping to score big for the district both on and off the field. Abilene ISD Executive Director of Athletics Jim Garfield said he has been busy receiving calls from other districts for stadium rentals.

“Midland, Odessa guys, Lubbock people, out to the northwest Southlake,” said Garfield.

With the new renovations and amenities, the district will be able to offer a variety of ‘rental packages’ to other schools.

“If you think about Abilene and Shotwell, it’s really centrally located for the teams that have to play each other in the playoffs,” explained Garfield.

However, it also brings in revenue to the Key City.

“Teams that travel into town, they have to eat. Fans that come in, they have to eat. They get gas; some even stay the night, and the amenities we have in Abilene food, services, all that kind of stuff is second to none in my opinion,” expressed Garfield.

Cooper Cougars Head Coach Aaron Roan said the team is ready to play its first home game at Shotwell Stadium.

“You know it’s a different element when you throw the lights on and the games on the line, so that’s exciting… we’re just working extremely hard,” expressed Roan.

Abilene Eagles Coach Mike Fullen said he’s proud Abilene ISD has a nice stadium for players to call home.

“Because I’ve been here for so long, it’s such a comforting feeling to be out there. It’s a tremendous opportunity for our players to play in a really nice stadium,” shared Fullen.

Garfield said even when the Abilene teams are away — Shotwell will be occupied.

“If we have to travel we’ll have somebody at Shotwell using our facilities,” said Garfield.

Garfield expressed excitement for the new press box, as he eagerly awaits the stadium’s full capacity.

“The press box up and running for this game is going to be outstanding people. The whole experience is going to change out there,” said Garfield.

Revenue from the rentals goes back into Abilene ISD’s General Fund to help pay for things needed year round such as transportation and extracurricular activities.