ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene man was booked into the Taylor County Jail last week in relation to a 3-year-old crime.

Ceasar Adams was booked Friday, August 25, and accused of felony Aggravated Robbery in the first degree from a crime reported to happen Saturday, July 11, 2020.

According to Adams’ arrest report, he and two other men made a customer at a North Abilene convenience store fear for his life when they allegedly threatened him with a deadly weapon.

The victim told police he bought two packs of cigarettes and quickly left the store because the men were, “‘looking around suspiciously, and one guy walked in and walked out immediately.'” He reported seeing the three suspects leave the store and enter a white sedan.'”

While walking, the victim said the driver circled him a couple of times. Then, the vehicle came to a stop on Orange Street and two men exited the vehicle. One suspect allegedly used a handgun to point at the victim and said, “where’s the money at?” At which point, the two men rifled through the victim’s pockets, discovering, and taking the recently purchased cigarettes, $80 in cash, and his wallet.

A detective with the Abilene Police Department reported that he was able to see security footage from the convenience store, wherein the victim was able to make a positive identification of the suspects, which included Adams.

Adams was booked on three different charges last Friday: A 2018 accusation of Invasive Visual Recording, no bond; this July 2020 accusation of Aggravated Robbery, $100,000 bond; and a May 2020 accusation for the felony Engagement in Organized Criminal Activity in the third degree, $5,000 bond.