ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Today, all the young ghosts and goblins celebrate Halloween by going door-to-door in their neighborhoods, trick-or treating. It’s not just the kids getting in the spooky spirit, though. Some residents have spent months preparing their homes for the holiday. Many have your normal skeletons and jack-o-lanterns, but at least one Abilene house is catching passersby off guard with its yard full of inflatable weenie dogs.

Let’s check out Elsa and Sheila Hallmerk’s home, complete with lots of fun inflatable decorations.

“We have our costumes, and we have our chocolates we’re giving away to the kids tonight,” Elsa said. 

Over in the Elmwood neighborhood, David Sierakowski, took his Halloween decor to the next level with a projector.

“We’ll end up having a firepit. We’ll probably have a smoke display,” listed Sierakowski. “This place lines up starting somewhere around 6:00, and going all the way up almost until 10, and it’s nonstop.” 

Last year, Sierakowski said he and his wife handed out nearly 1600 pieces of candy!

A short distance away on Brentwood Drive, Brett McCracken takes a slightly different approach to Halloween. How different?

“I have every weenie dog that Amazon has in stock,” McCracken revealed. 

However, for resident Brett McCracken, preparing for Halloween night means something completely different than most – airing up 32 inflatable weenie dogs in front of his Brentwood Dr. home. 

32 inflatable weenie dogs (Dachshunds) line McCracken’s yard. He said he bases his decorations off his love for his pets. What started out with just two inflatables quickly became 30 more as the years went by, “I have a lot of people that stop by and ask if I’m going to put the weenie dogs up.”

After Halloween, that number will almost double because he has 60 additional Christmas-themed weenie dog inflatables!

“Halloween, you know, skeletons, scary type thing. But I go more for just everybody is smiling when they drive by,” explained McCracken.

Even though the trick-or-treaters will be getting the candy, some of the adults passing it out plan to have just as much fun, at least according to Sierakowski. 

“Abilene, in general, is really family focused, and yeah, we’re a little older. We got a couple of grandkids, but really, there’s such a strong emphasis that we want to give back, and we really enjoy it. So, we do it for the community,” Sierakowski added. “We really do.”

A few safety tips for Halloween night, provided by the Texas Department of Transportation:

  • Pedestrians: Use a flashlight and wear protective gear. 
  • Drivers: Slow down and watch out for children. 
  • Everyone: Stay alert and put away your cell phones.