ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Although temperatures have been in the triple digits recently across the Big Country, the hot weather is no match for Sea Turtle Mowing- run by Mann Middle Schooler, Sydney Weinkauf.

“I don’t care if it’s hot outside or it’s cold outside, I’m doing to come out here and do it, ” Weinkauf said.

Weinkauf took on the nationwide challenge of mowing 50 lawns belonging to single parents, the elderly, people with disabilities and Veterans.

Not only does she mow, but also weed-eat and rake and bag leaves. And she does it all free-of-charge.

Aspin Santos and Christy McCann are a few of the many grateful for Weinkauf’s kind heart.

“It helps us out a lot, especially being in here all day,” Santos said. “We’re at work all day and then to go home and worry about our yards, that takes something off of our plates.”

Like the rest of us in the Big Country, Weinkauf also has the heat on her plate while she serves her community.

Emergency Room Nurse at Hendrick Medical South, Kayla Cehand, told KTAB/KRBC that while going outside can’t be avoided, it’s important to be prepared.

“The tips that we would provide is make sure you are staying hydrated with water or a sports drink that have less sugar,” Cehand expertly advised.

Weinkauf, though, said she prefers pickle juice and water – which Cehand said actually has its benefits.

“The pickle juice is known to help with cramping, so that’s going to help a lot,” Cehand explained.

The combination was a tool for success as she finished taking care of lawn number 43 Tuesday morning. Nurse Cehand said it was in good timing because mornings are the best times of day to beat the heat.

The nationwide challenge is all part of the Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service Organization. The nonprofit was started by Rodney Smith Jr. in Alabama, who stopped to help an elderly man finish mowing his lawn in the heat.

Once Weinkauf completes the challenge, Smith said he will travel to gift the Abilene pre-teen with a new lawn mower to continue her work. Next on her list will be mowing the lawns of teachers and their aids, and professors. If you know someone in need of free lawncare and they meet Weinkauf’s criteria, click here to shoot them an email.