Abilene mother in need of breast milk for baby’s life-saving surgery


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – An Abilene mother is seeking breast milk donations as her 10-month-old son struggles with a disease that will lead to an inevitable liver transplant surgery.

Alantria Smith’s twins Aja and Kyrie were supposed to arrive February 2nd, but the two made an early appearance on November 30, 2018.

Each twin has had health problems due to their premature births, but Kyrie has had added difficulties. His mother first noticed he was sleeping more than usual, wailed incessantly and began to develop jaundice.

“He also was crying out like someone was stabbing him or something was wrong,” said Smith. “His eyes were like a deep yellow.”

After undergoing numerous procedures and continually taking medication, Kyrie will need the major surgery within the next year.

“I initially was exclusively breastfeeding and pumping for them, but once Kyrie started going through the medical problems and us staying in the hospital for months at a time–it took a toll on my body personally, and I was no longer able to produce for them,” said Smith.

Smith then reached out other moms via Facebook to find breast milk donors who can provide not only for Kyrie’s well being but A’ja’s as well.

KRBC reached out to pediatrician Dr. Hector Garcia. He said attributes of breast milk are ideal for growing healthy babies and can be vital for infants like Kyrie.

“So breast milk is designed for the body to use it, and it’s designed with a human being in mind It’s made for a human by human, so even though it can have less concentration of nutrients and get absorbed better because they’re bioavailability is better,” said Garcia.

Garcia also recommends mothers like Smith, who are unable to produce, to reach out to their physicians or local medical centers to obtain breast milk.

One donor has already provided bags of breast milk for Kyrie, and the results have been promising. And hopefully,

“I think breast milk is a cure,” said Smith.

If you would like to donate, send a message to Alantria Monek Smith on Facebook.

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