ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene mother, Candis Mora had just said a sentimental goodbye when she dropped off her daughter, Emma for her sophomore year at Western Texas College in Snyder. She and her 12-year-old son, Francisco were headed back home when an unexpected piece of debris sent their vehicle rolling off the road.

“It was probably about 9:50 at night that we were coming back on Monday night… Seatbelts on, everything was good,” Mora began. “Out of nowhere, there was a huge truck tire with the rim still in it.”

Mora was traveling down Highway 84 between Snyder and Roscoe, to which she said the road was too dark to see very far ahead. By the time the tire was brought into view of their headlights, it was too late to react. They went careening into the ditch to the right and rolled four times before coming to rest on the passenger side of the pickup.

“He’s (Francisco) crying and he’s yelling out for me, and I’m trying to stay calm because he’s down at the bottom and I’m stuck at the top,” recalled Mora. “The seatbelt is, like, harnessing me in.”

Two men who had nearly hit the tire before them were stopped just up ahead, according to Mora. They were able to see the rollover crash and came to their aid, calling emergency services to the scene, and freeing Mora from her seatbelt.

“We both thought that we were gonna die. Like, I thought that was it,” Mora described.

Almost miraculously, Mora said, some slight contusions and an imprint from their seatbelts were the only injuries she and her son sustained.

“Just to be able to come out of it the way we did, there’s no way… The emergency people, like everyone, was just baffled by the fact that we were walking,” said Mora.

While recovering at the hospital, Mora was reminded of her late husband who had died in an oilfield accident 12 years prior. Her brush with death, too close for comfort, knowing her children would be left without parents.

“Knowing that I’m the only one left… That breaks me apart. That’s probably my worst fear, is to leave my kids,” Mora shared.

Although he’s been gone for some time, she keeps her husbands memory close. A dragonfly tattoo on her foot a constant reminder of his love, “It’s a symbol of your loved ones watching over you.”

With that memory in mind, Mora called her oldest son, Anthony from the hospital, letting him know what happened, and assuring him that they were okay.

“I was like, ‘please don’t come, I don’t want anything to happen. We’re okay. Please don’t come.’ He didn’t listen,” volunteered Mora.

Although she was concerned for Anthony’s trip, the next message from her son put those concerns to rest. Per Mora, Anthony had a peculiar, almost divine, experience while preparing to head to Abilene.

“The next message said, ‘Don’t worry, momma, dad’s with me,'” Mora explained. “Because, when he got into his truck to come over here, there was a dragon fly on his steering wheel.”

The family took that dragonfly as a sign from beyond, putting their nerves at ease and reassuring that Dad is always looking out for them.

“I felt just beyond blessed. I literally feel like the hand of God was right there with us,” added Mora.

12-year-old Francisco was able to make it back for his first day back to school at Mann Middle School Wednesday, and Mora said she’s talked with her daughter about trips home from college, stating unequivocally that she will not be taking those back roads at night.