ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Major Nathan Glandon long protected the skies as a member of the United States Air Force, but the Cooper High grad has moved on to guarding the final frontier after being affirmed to the newest U.S. military branch earlier this year.

Maj. Glandon was affirmed to the United States Space Force in October after 12 years of service in the USAF’s space sector; a commitment he says he greatly appreciated.

“I was super excited the first time I got to type in commands to a military satellite and really tell it what to do and see those changes from the ground,” said Maj. Glandon.

Maj. Glandon always had a fascination with the skies and what lied beyond them. He participated in rocketry competitions in high school, even snagging extra learning opportunities with NASA.

“I did a high school program with NASA, after completing that I got to do an internship with NASA,” said Maj. Glandon.

While he has a decade plus worth of service under his belt now, Maj. Glandon says he hadn’t thought of joining the military until a chance encounter in high school.

“I was at a college fair with my mom, we stopped by the Air Force table and once I heard what they were about a light bulb turned on,” said Maj. Glandon.

After graduating from Cooper HS in 2004, Maj. Glandon entered the Air Force Academy then served in the space-focused sector of the USAF.

Once the Space Force was officially formed, Maj. Glandon applied and was accepted. Once affirmed one of the first phone calls he dialed was to his parents.

“They’ve seen me since I was a kid a telescope outside looking out at the stars,” said Maj. Glandon.

Maj. Glandon’s mother Debbie Glenn says she’s happy her son is making his longtime passion an even bigger part of his life, and is excited to see his progression in the Space Force.

“Our family is very proud of everything he’s done. From getting into the academy to now. I know he’ll do great things, we all do,” said Glenn.

Right now, Maj. Glandon is stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado working in a joint task force for space defense with other military branches as he himself helps pioneer a brand new one.

“Having the opportunity to influence and be on the ground floor of all of these things happening – history is literally being made,” said Maj. Glandon.