It’s every parents biggest concern, the safety of their children. For some Abilene families in the Alameda Community, which was formerly called “The Four Way,” they are hoping to slow drivers and crime in their neighborhood.

“Sometimes we come over here to play basketball and football,” said Alex Scroggins, who lives in this community.

 He and his friends say they enjoy playing outside.

“When we come over we stay as far from the street as we can,” he said, “because people drive too fast.”

There have been a few pedestrian accidents that have occurred on these streets.

“Chill Will got hit and killed I say about eight years ago,” stated Claudine Scroggins, who has kids who live here.

Recently a young girl was hit and had serious injuries.

“She got hit by the truck and trailer,” she added. ” The trailer sat on her.”

There solution?

“We need to get some speed bumps because they come through here flying,” explained Marie Scroggins who has 16 grandkids growing up in this neighborhood.

These residents say all they want is a place where the kids can feel safe.

“We are just trying to get it cleaned up so we can have something postiive for our kids,” said Marie Scroggins, “and our neighborhood.”

The kids think the road humps are a good idea.

“Just in case a car goes to fast and don’t want to slow down,” added Alex Scroggins, “it will mess up the car and make it slow down.”

The City of Abilene does have a “Road Hump” program for residents who feel their neighborhood needs a solution to speeders.