ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – One hundred twenty residents at an Abilene mobile home are without hot water and stoves for at least 8 weeks due to a natural gas leak.

Atmos turned off natural gas to Continental Villa on the 200 block of Arnold Blvd March 24 due to an issue related to the mobile home park’s infrastructure.

“The customer is responsible for any natural gas piping on their property from the gas meter to their home or business,” a press release from Atmos explains.

Continental Villa addressed the issue as soon as possible, starting the process of installing new gas lines to all affected properties beginning April 5 – an undertaking that could take 6-8 more weeks to complete.

In the meantime, management at Continental Villa told KTAB and KRBC any resident who wants to leave can get out of their lease with no consequences and a monetary credit will be given to all residents who stay at the end of the month.

Residents also have access to a centralized location to shower and cook food as necessary.

“We are deeply sorry this is happening and wish there was a quick fix,” Continental Villa said to residents on social media. “We understand if this doesn’t work for you, and if it wont please come to the office so we can discuss the options.”

KTAB and KRBC spoke to a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, who says she can’t afford to move anywhere else and that Contential Villa is the only place that would give her a home due to her situation.

She also says she appreciates a community place to shower but has multiple children and feels it is not an option for her.

Other residents cited concerns about these community areas, such as the spread of COVID-19.

Atmos Energy will restore gas to the mobile home park once it passes a city inspection after the necessary replacements are made.